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We are Veritas Classical Christian School


Veritas Classical Christian School was founded by Dr. Susan Kobes in the beautiful South Sound area of the Pacific Northwest.  Dr. Kobes has now left her work here to a trained staff with a tremendous heart to serve the local community through this Christian school.


Veritas is governed by a board of both members in the community as well as parents from the school, all who hold a desire to see the next generation taught and trained to be discerning, loving, and educated through the classical method.

"Veritas Classical Christian School has been a blessing to our family. Our son just completed kindergarten. We were really happy with the Christian worldview, high educational standards, and the genuine love and support his teacher had for him. Being only familiar with kindergarten, we highly recommend the kindergarten program for anyone looking for a solid, Biblical based education for their child."

                                                              --Tieneke V, Parent

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