Frequently asked Questions




We have the lowest tuition in the state

Classically Educated students score higher overall on the SAT

There are 7 students averaging per teacher


Q:  When does school start for the 2021-2022 year?

A:   The first day of school is TBD (Kindergarten TBD.), Last day of school is TBD (Kindergarten TBD).



Q:  When does the school day start and end?

A:   Kindergarten (8:30-12:00 PM);  1st through 8th (8:30-3:00 PM);  Students may enter the classroom at 8:15 to read or work quietly.



Q:  Is lunch provided by the school?

A:  Sorry, no. Students need to bring a snack and sack lunch to school. A microwave is available. We will occasionally offer special catered                items on special Fridays.


Q:  Is there a dress code?

A:  Yes, there is. Students' uniforms may be purchased from Tommy Hilfiger (Alternatively, uniforms can        still be purchased from



Q:  Is transportation available?

 A:  Sorry, no.



Q:  What is the cost of tuition for the 2021-2022 school year?*

A:   Tuition is $5900 (Grade 1-10); $2950 (Kindergarten)

*Registration and Curriculum are extra and are paid upon registration. Registration (non-refundable) is $150 (for new students) and $75 (for returning students).

*Curriculum is $238 (for K); $345 (for grades 1-6), and $745 (for grades 7-8).

DISCOUNT AVAILABLE:  First Child $5900;  Second Child $5900; Third Child $4720; Fourth Child $3540;  Children after the fourth Free.



Q:   How much homework can be expected?

A:   As a general rule, a student can expect to do about 15 minutes of homework per grade level—1st grade 15 minutes, 2nd grade 30                       minutes, etc.



Q:  Who are the teachers?

A:   Ms. Marlana McKibben (Kindergarten); Mrs. Karen Warren (1st-2nd Grades); Dr. Susan Kobes (3rd-4th Grades); Mrs. Cherie Terry (5th-10th         Grades); Mrs. Jenifer DeMare (Music & Art); Mr. Eric Kliskey (P.E. Coach)



Q:  What curriculum do you use?

A:  ABeka is the main curriculum. (Additional classical publishers have been added where needed).  Latin will be taught beginning in 2nd                 grade, but interested 1st graders may want to be included.



Q:  What does discipline look like?

A:   We function as an arm of the parents, and lovingly and consistently teach children the joy found in obedience and accomplishment.                   Veritas CCS and parents are partners in this important endeavor.  More details are outlined in the handbook.



Q:  Is the school a part of a league for my child to participate in sports and other extra-curricular activities?

A:  Any sport/activity that we do not offer is open to our students in your given school district.  This has been confirmed by OSPI (Office of              Superintendent of Public Instruction.)



Q:  As a parent, may I attend classes, help, and observe?

A:  Yes!  Although it is not required, we encourage it.