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Emergency Procedures

  • Veritas Classical Christian School will close for inclement weather when Sumner School District closes its schools. These closures are announced on KOMO 1000 radio and TV.

  • If special circumstances warrant closing the school, it will be announced on the school’s website and by personal text message. We will attempt to have notification publicized by 6 AM.

  • However, if parents believe conditions are too hazardous, they should keep their children home, and an excused absence will be given.

  • It is Veritas Classical Christain School's policy that students do not have cell phones or any other smart device during school hours. While they are commonplace in classrooms, cell phones often provide more distraction. In an effort to promote a focused learning environment, students should not bring cell phones to school. Parents may call the office or administration to relay a message to a student in the class and it will be given as soon as possible. (253-750-1571).

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