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2020-2021 Welcome from our Superintendent:


“Raising children well is the most important job in the world,” our more-experienced classical educators will tell you. But you already knew that, as evidenced by the sacrifices you make daily to provide your children with an education with a Christian worldview. Thinking Christianly about all ideas is an ever-present, daily goal embedded in our teaching.



We welcome you to the fifth school year of Veritas Classical Christian School. Within the last four years, we’ve taught many language, math, history, science, and Bible lessons. But we’ve learned some things, too. Most recently, we learned that school is not a building. With mobile teaching stations and white boards (provided by a loving parent), kids have managed not to notice the unconventional surroundings. New light bulbs (thank you to another parent) and individual desk-lamps have transformed our two rooms. Yet even more parents provided paper supplies and volunteer hours. How blessed we have felt to truly be in this “most important job” with you.



We’ve learned that the classical educational model leads children into a love of learning. Our kids love to come to school and love to learn. It’s a marvelous thing that an announcement that the class will be learning Greek Mythology is met with such Christmas-Eve-like excitement. It isn’t unusual for a student to bring a book to a teacher to share a newly-found discovery.



We also learned that the Cursive Logic program that we discovered a year ago is just as wonderful as we thought it might be, and the rich classical stories that we’re adding to the curriculum are wonderful and exciting for students, not old and out-of-touch as might be the secular accusation. The lessons learned are timeless. After listing to the teacher-read story, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, one first-grader commented, “My brain is no good because I play too many video games.” Mike Teevee, whose brain was rotting because he watched too much TV, had made an impression.



Raising children has been called, “a timed event with eternal consequences.” Everyone at VCCS is dedicated to following Jesus with as much passion possible and teaching the best way we know how every day. “Redeeming the time” (Eph 5:16) is our theme for the year, and we welcome your participation and partnership in this calling. 



Susan Kobes, Ph.D.

1. Submit VCCS's required enrollment forms (found at link below in Handbook) with $150 application fee

2. Submit supplemental paperwork:  report cards, copy of most recent standardized testing results, immunization record, and certified copy of birth certificate

3.  Pay the curriculum fee

  4.  Schedule an appointment for parent-student interview and a student assessment to ensure proper placement

5. Student starts classes in the fall!

Veritas Classical Christian School partners with families in the sacred task of training children in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6). We adhere to the truth that it is the family which has the primary responsibility for the training and raising of children, and we consider it a privilege to join you in this mission.


Please call us with any questions at 253-750-0515.